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Mynaa is a 2010 Tamil-language romantic drama film directed and written by Prabu Solomon. Jointly distributed by Udhayanidhi Stalin and Kalpathi S. Aghoram, it stars Vidharth, in his debut venture, and Amala Paul in the lead roles. Featuring an acclaimed soundtrack by D. Imman, the film, which garnered much anticipation prior to release, released on 5 November 2010, coinciding with the Diwali festival, receiving critical acclaim.

Mynaa, the Kollywood bird in waiting to kiss the silver screens on Diwali, is a debut creation of Shalom Studios, the production house of Prabhu Solomon, who happens to be its director too. Distribution rights have been taken up by Udhayanidhi Stalin along with AGS Entertainment. Udhayanidhi is confident that despite newcomers starring in Mynaa, it is bound to score high because of Prabhu Solomon’s narration and the team’s performance.

Prabhu Solomon seems a person with a fire in the belly to direct films without confining the stories to homes and streets alone. He desires that the script lines should go beyond that and explore the abundance in nature’s beauty. He seems to adore nature and wants that to be given a pivotal place in the storyline. He expresses his admiration for Hollywood movies that well explore nature and accepts their strong influence in shaping his thought processes. Mynaa lounges in nature’s beauty under Prabhu Solomon’s direction.

The star cast has Vidharth, Amala Paul, Thambi Ramaiah, Sethu G Pillai with many others to give meaning to the director’s conception. The quality of the film has been enhanced by powerful performances.

The young Tamil music director to be watched, D Imman, has scored amazing music which has been well received like his previous albums. The songs are already topping the charts. The audio release had Kamal Haasan and Parthiban felicitate the young producer and team for their scintillating performance and the good music. Their appreciation has instilled great confidence in the team.

The cinematography is handled by M Sukumar and art direction by Vairabalan. With a clean chit from the censor board and an entertaining story, Mynaa is expected to scale to the list of Tamil cinema’s good movies. The director confirms that it has the right blend of all the ingredients for good entertainment along with distinct insertions of innovative features.

Mynaa, the bird with a new pair of wings, is set to hit the theatres on Diwali. As goes the trend, down-to-earth script is finding a sure place for itself these days. So Mynaa, a story presented with freshness with no compromise on quality, has slowly started earning accolades right from the audio release. Diwali will see Mynaa fly high to touch new horizons.


For those who all thought that commercialism has overtaken realism in Tamil cinema, Mynaa proves the contrary! Though rural and rustic scripts have been on the rise, Mynaa offers an assortment of entertainment that caters to all sections of audiences. From Kamal Haasan to the Censor Board officials, everyone who has seen Mynaa has praised the movie and its storyline.

Director Prabhu Solomon dares to think differently. One saw his expertise in Kokki, which gave a new lease of life to Karan. Lee and Laadam were not great money spinners, but were again plots based on quick-thinking persons. Now Prabhu's new action-love story Mynaa, produced by AGS Entertainment, is on the same lines. The film is about the travails of a driver subjected to various hardships in the hilly terrains where he operates. Newcomers Vidaarth and Amala Paul play the lead roles.

What is it about?

The film is about Mynaa (Amala Paul), hailing from a poor family and deeply in love with her childhood friend. Then there is Surali (Vidaarth), a rustic village youth who goes to any extent for his love (Mynaa). The film is also about two cops Thambi Ramaiah (Ramaiah) and Bhaskar (Sethu), who go on a trip to Kurankani village in search of Surali. It also narrates the story of Kuruamma (Mynaa's stubborn mother) and Sudha (Bhaskar's wife).

The Plot

Young Mynaa and her mother Kuruamma become homeless after the death of her drunken father. Surali, who started working at a young age, takes them to his village. Late,r Kuruamma opens a small shop in the village with the support of Surali and Mynaa starts going to school.

Fast forward to the present: Mynaa (Amala Paul) is in high school and Surali (Vidaarth) works in a market near their village. Both are deeply in love with each other, but Kuruamma is against this. As a result, Kuruamma fixes Mynaa's marriage to another guy from a neighboring village. An angry Surali engages in a fight with Kuruamma and is sent to jail!

Another story takes place in Theni simultaneously. Sub Inspector Bhaskar (Sethu) and his arrogant wife Sudha are planning to go to Madurai (Sudha's house) to celebrate their first Deepavali. Sudha, who hails from a big family in Madurai, has four brothers who will go to any extent to make her happy!

Back to Surali's story: He is being sent to Theni sub-jail for 15 days. Meanwhile, just a day before Deepavali, the Theni sub-jail gets ready to celebrate Deepavali. During the celebration, Surali escapes from jail to stop Mynaa's marriage. Now Thambi Ramaiah and Bhaskar go in search of Surali. They somehow manage to find him, but fate has something else to offer! However, the heartbreaking climax scenes need a special mention.

The Performances

Newcomer Vidaarth has played his part well and fits the role perfectly; he had earlier played a small role Prabhu Solomon's Kokki. Amala Paul of Sindhu Samaveli fame is a treat to watch on screen. She has excelled as a typical village girl. But the showstealer is Sethu, who deserves a big round of applause as the backbone of the show. The rest of the cast have also done their parts well.

The Techniques

The story is nothing new. It is about the childhood love between a boy and a girl, a regular thing in most movies made in these parts. But the treatment the director has given to the script and the way he has narrated the story deserve all accolades. Aptly helping him is cinematography by Sukumar and editing by L.K.V. Das. Music by D. Imman is another major highlight of the film, not to forget the support given by producer AGS to make such a different venture.

The Verdict

The film needs serious trimming (especially the songs) in the second half to increase the pace. Certain scenes like abusing parents physically and verbally could have been avoided to make the film more meaningful! Overall, director Prabhu Solomon has proved that a quality entertainer can be made with less-known faces provided the movie has an interesting storyline with the right twists.

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