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Engeyum Kaadhal is a 2011 Tamil romantic musical film written and directed by Prabhu Deva that stars Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani in the lead roles. Featuring music by Harris Jayaraj, it was produced by Kalpathi S. Agoram and released on 6 May 2011 to mixed reviews.The story revolves around a girl living in France who falls in love with a boy coming from India.


Kamal (Jayam Ravi), a young billionaire, doesn`t believe in love. He works hard for 11 months and takes a month`s break from all the work related commitments. Celloist Kayalvizhi (Kayal for short or Lolita for Kamal) (Hansika Motwani) believes in true love and is highly fascinated with Indian culture. Then she sees Kamal one day and it is love at first sight for her, but before she can follow him he gets into his car and goes away. Her father Rajasekhar (Suman) runs a small detective agency in France and Kayal often reads her father`s case files for interesting stories. One day, Rajasekhar gets a new client (Sonu Gates) who wants to know about his girlfriend`s mystery man. After a brief investigation, Rajasekhar finds that his client`s girl friend is dating Kamal. Sonu gets angry and decides to kill Kamal. Kayal overhears the conversation and deciding to save them, rushes to their hotel.

Sonu has sent some men to kill Kamal and he is on his way there. When Kayal reaches Kamal's room she finds the door locked from inside. Without knowing what to do Kayal tries to get inside through the balcony. When she was about to enter she hears a gun shot and faints in the balcony. By this time sonu's girlfriend has escaped from there. Just when Kamal is about to win the fight Sonu enters the room and threatens Kamal with a gun. Then he searches for his girlfriend he can't find her, instead he find Kayal in the balcony. Then he thinks that Rajasekar has made a mistake and apologizes to Kamal. Understanding that Kayal has saved him, he tries to get to know her better during their incidental meetings and even though Kayal tries to resist she cannot. Kamal leaves Paris for some board meetings and Kayal is heart broken. When he returns he doesn't remember her immediately even though she has been waiting for him. Kayal tries to make Kamal love her by pretending to have many boyfriends. Kamal does get a bit jealous and he decides to get a detective to know everything about her and her possible boyfriends. Initially the detective he chooses is Rajasekar Kayal's dad. Kamal doesn't know Kayal's name, but he says about all her fake boyfriends. Rajasekar realizes that the girl's boyfriends' names are same as the names of the people in his case files realizes that Kamal is actually inquiring about his daughter, Kayal as only she has seen them.

He tells Kamal about it and asks him to leave his daughter as he always does when someone falls in love with him. Kamal agrees and tells Kayal that he will be leaving for Germany and that he doesn't know when he will return. Kayal is heartbroken. Kamal tries to forget her but find that he cannot as he realizes that he too loves her. So he returns to Paris and finds her. But Kayal is angry with him and walks away. Kamal runs after her saying that he is in love with her and will never leave her and they will be together thereafter.

Movie Reviews:

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Paris, the world capital of love, Engeyum Kadhal directed by Prabhu Deva and produced by A G S Entertainment, pivots around LOVE, a theme which could be relatable to a wide section of the audience. The film languorously opens up with the Engeyum Kadhal number with Prabhudeva’s slow motion movements criss-crossing the various lovers in Paris and the introduction of his lead characters.

EK is about the rich hero Kamal (Jeyam Ravi) who works hard for 11 months and relaxes for one month in a year and what happens when he meets Kayal Vizhi (Hansika) in one of such sojourns. As the name suggests, it is love love and love everywhere and Prabhu Deva has used this premise to tell his story and the three major components which help him in this undertaking are pleasing cinematography, vibrant music and uber-chic costumes.

Nirav Shah takes us round the breathtaking France and other overseas locales in an enjoyable fashion and Nalini Sriram’s costumes bring about the rich and the trendy look of the lead characters in a fine manner. Harris Jayaraj’s mostly mellifluous numbers are also one of the key positive contributing factors to EK. Having said that, EK almost appears like a musical with a song being thrown in every now and then and Nenjil Nenjil, Nangai and Thee Illai emerge winners from the group.

Although Prabhu Deva has such major supporting features by his side, he has failed to utilize them to the fullest. The intentions may be worthy but the execution is frivolous. This is a clear case of a weak content failing a movie despite support from other departments. The screenplay is given a short shrift by the director and EK goes south in the engrossing scale too.

The love between the lead characters is very shallow and EK never makes you invest enough emotions in its characters. EK is also plagued by feeble characterization. The premise of the film may be soaked in love but the reason why the lead pair falls in love with each other appears very flimsy and lacks depth resulting in a flat and abrupt climax. Added to that, there is no chemistry between Ravi and Hansika.

In the name of comedy Raju Sundaram is irksome and Suman is completely wasted. And the boy who is shown to have a crush on Hansika is a caricature. The lip sync of the heroine is not in tune and the voice of the dubbing artist is highly pretentious. There are not many redeeming factors which makes the two hour and five minutes film seem much longer than its actual period.
Jeyam Ravi looks smart and scores well in the dancing department. It is also interesting to hear him take a dig at his own voice and the ticket checking scene in the train is delightful. But unfortunately such patches of goodness are far and few in between and the film fails to connect.

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