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Kandhakottai is a 2009 Indian Tamil action film directed by S. Sakthivel, starring Nakul and Poorna in the lead roles, whilst Sampath Raj plays a pivotal role. The film released on December 19 2009.


A different concept, the story is about two youngsters. One is Siva (nakul) who is a nice guy but then he doesn't believe in the concept of love. True to his hatred, he also doesn't hesitate to go and break up love birds. On the other hand, there is Pooja (purna) from Nagercoil who believes strongly in the force of love and does whatever she can to ensure that lovers get united. The story takes a turn when Siva's sister falls in love with Pooja's cousin. As expected, Siva tries to break the couple while Pooja unites them. Finally, Siva gives up and at the same time, he develops feelings for Pooja. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


Following the reasonable success of 'Kadhalil Vizhunthen', young Nakul, seems to be raring to make it big. Introduced by director Shankar in 'Boys', Nakul seems to be well on his way to becoming a sought-after star in Kollywood now.

Nakul is currently playing the lead role in 'Masilamani' after which he'll start work for Kandhakottai. Poorna, who featured in the films 'Kodaikanal' and 'Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondraan Aandu' will play the female lead.

'Chennai 600028' and 'Saroja' fame Sampath Raj has been roped in to play the baddie and the rest of the cast include Santhanam, Sathyan, Ponvannan, and Kadhal Dhandapani among others.

Dheena will score music for the lyrics penned by Yugabharathy, Thamarai and Snehan. ESK Internationals, who churned out 'Jambhavan', is producing the film. The film will be directed by Sakthivel, who worked as an associate with directors Radha Mohan and Priya.  

Review by "India Glitz"

There are certain ambiguities that need to be sorted out after watching Kandha Kottai. How come filmmakers are still beating the same bush with hackneyed stories? If so, how do producers okay such scripts and turn them into pictures spending lavish money? We’re sure; you will walk out of theatres with so many questions in your mind after watching this film.

Buzz up!
If there could be some movies that make you feel that you’ve wasted 140mins of your life, ‘Kandha Kottai’ is sure to hold a prominent place amongst the lists. The film doesn’t carry a single attribute to be appreciated. The script is tenuous as it cannot hold the attention of audiences while the screenplay is so boring that you feel like walking out of theatres prior to climax.

The film is about Siva (Nakul), who strongly objects a thing called ‘Love’ and is dead against the lovers and alienates them at any cost. On the other end, we’ve Pooja (Poorna) in Nagercoil completely opposite in nature to Siva as she strives uniting the lovers. When Siva’s sister Girija falls in love with Pooja’s cousin boy in Chennai, she sets out to ensconce the proposal in an affirmative approach. But then, there are conflicts between the Siva and Pooja, who’re like chalk and cheese.

At once, as Pooja reveals about what the real love is, Siva cannot withstand his firm principle and falls in love with her. But when Pooja reciprocates her proposal to him, she is swamped in problems as Annachi’s (Sampath) son in love with Pooja commits suicide after knowing about this affair.
Since, Annachi has promised his son that he will not harm Pooja, he starts killing the people around her. All that he wants is to make Pooja lead a widow-like life as he believes that girl was the cause for his son’s death.When Siva comes to know about these problems, things start taking a turn as he challenges Annachi that he’ll marry this girl within 3 days.

Nakul has to improve a lot in choosing the script. He never suits the role of a middle-or-low class guy. Be his previous Maasilamani or this one, he doesn’t suit the roughneck roles. Instead, he can attempt trying his luck on some appealing characterizations. Nonetheless, his dancing skills are marvelous and so is his vocalism for 'Eppadi Ennul Kadhal Vandhadhu'. Poorna has aped Asin throughout the show and she needs to choose better costumes, as the skimpy ones don’t suit her. Santhanam adds to the humor quotients with his rib-tickling comedy tracks, but that too turns to be hackneyed after certain extent. Sampath sleepwalks through his role as a baddie.

Dheena’s musical score is unimpressive for both songs and background score. Apart from 'Eppadi Ennul Kadhal Vandhadhu', none of the melodies sound commendable. Sakthivel hasn’t given prominence to technical departments of cinematography and editing, as there are lots of discontinuities between the shots.

On whole, Kandha Kottai lacks substantiality in both narrative and technical aspects and it has no chances of surviving at box office even for a week.

Review by "One India"

Kandhakottai Trailer:

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