Thiruttu Payale

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Thiruttu Payale (2006) is a Tamil film directed by Susi Ganesan. As like other Susi Ganesan films it is a real life experience based entertainer/thriller. The movie stars Kaaka Kaaka fame Jeevan, Sonia Agarwal, Abbas, Malavika, Vivek, Manoj K Jayan and Charlie. The film's music is composed by music director, Bharadwaj.


Manickam (Jeevan), belongs to a poor family in a village. He does not respect any of his family members, except for his uncle (Vinod Raj) who lives in Chennai. The story gets rolling once he decides to come and stay with his uncle at Chennai.

Once while he is watching people playing golf, he notices Roopini (Malavika) and Ramesh (Abbas) having an illegal relationship. He manages to capture the same in his video camera. Roopini is the wife of a rich businessman (Manoj K Jayan).

Manickam blackmails Roopini and extracts money from her whenever he needs. Once he makes a trip abroad to Australia with Roopini’s expenditure. There he happens to meet Rosy (Sonia Agarwal). He falls in love with her. Rosy tells him that she is a very rich girl from a respected family. While he decide to propose to her, he finds that she has left the city. He is upset and just at that time, Roopini makes a phone calls and tells him that Rosy was sent by her only to woo Manickam and demand that if he needs Rosy, he needs to hand over the cassette to her.

From that point on does Manickam get his love back, or does Roopini her cassette back forms the rest of the story.


After starting with a native theme in his debut film Virumbigeren, Susi Ganesan seems to have been inspired by Bollywood ideas. His Thiruttu Payale reflects exacts contemporary movies in Bollywood. But to be fair to Susi Ganesan, he has given enough nativity to the script making it engrossing for the local audience.

The story centers on the negative side of a man who takes the easy way out to make money (blackmailing after knowing the secret of a woman) and the trial and turbulations that he faces after that.

Jeevan, plays the anti-hero role well, quite different from his earlier film Khaakha Khaakha in which his villainous role won him applause. Equally supportive is Sonia Agarwal, who oozes glamour in the first-half only to fade away after that. The surprise packet in the movie is Malavika. After a very long gap, she has got a role to perform and she has not missed the opportunity.

Manickam (Jeevan) is sent to the city by his parents unable to put up with his arrogance. In Chennai, he comes across Roopini (Malavika), wife of a rich young entrepreneur (Manoj K Jayan). She gets attracted towards Santosh (Abbas), a friend of her husband and they develop an affair.

Manickam captures in a hidden camera their intimacy and begins to blackmail her. He demands her to foot all his bills and even ventures on a trip abroad. Several attempts to get the video CDfrom him prove futile.

Meanwhile in Australia, Manickam comes across Rosy (Sonia Agarwal) and instantly falls for her. Soon she disappears.On his return to Chennai, he gets to know that Rosy was sent by Roopini on a mission to make Manickam fall for her. When Manickam enquiries about Rosy, Roopini wants him to hand over the CD and then she would help him meet her.

Meanwhile growing suspicious of her wife's behaviour, Manoj hires a private detective to follow her. Manickam comes across Rosy and promises to get reformed if she marries her. The rest is about how all issues are sorted out and whether Manickam achieves his mission to Marry Rosy. Jeevan as Mainckam is impressive. His body language and diction seems to have undergone a pleasant change. When much was expected from Sonia Agarwal, the actress unfortrunately disappoints. She has got very little opportunity to perform. Malavika has come up trumps. Her desperate attempts to get the video clippings from Jeevan makes for interesting cinema. Manoj K Jayan and Abbas chip in with their best. Vivek plays Jeevan's friend in Australia and does succeed in evoking laughter.

The highlight is the cinematography of Ravishankar. Using the wide-angle lenses well, he has provided visual back-up to the script. Be it capturing the beautiful locales in Australian beaches or the green lawns of Madras Race Club, he has given his heart-out. Bharadhwaj's re-recording is also very brisk helping in sustaining the tempo.

Susi Ganesan sure knows to tell a tale. A tale that is not run of the mill. And there is also no attempt to shortchange the public with gimmickry in the name of entertainment.

A sincere attempt to give a different cinema by Susi Ganesan deserves a special mention.

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