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Vellore Mavattam is a 2011 Tamil action film written and directed by R. N. R. Manohar, whose earlier flick was Maasilamani. It stars Nandha and Poorna in the lead role and  Santhanam, Azhagam Perumal, Jayaprakash, G.M.Kumar, Singamuthu, Mayilsamy, Sathyan, Vaiyapuri and Alex  in the supporting role, Featuring music by Sundar. C Babu, it is produced by AGS Entertainment Kalpathi S. Agoram along with his Brothers Kalpathi S.Ganesh and Kalpathi S.Suresh., the film released on 5 October 2011 on the occasion of the festival of Ayudha Pooja.  

R.N.R Manoharan speaks about Vellore Mavattam:

R N Manoharan who directed Maasilamani is now directing a film titled Vellore Mavattam. While speaking about this film, he said,” This film is not about an arrogant police officer. This film is about a youngster who is the son of a farmer and how he becomes an IPS. 

Nanda who is donning the role of Muthukumar IPS will remind you of your son or next door boy. Once I decided that this is the story, I immediately contacted D G P Vijaya Kumar, D I G Pon Manickavel and S P Maurya and discussed with them a lot and finally I learnt a lot of things from them. I also stayed in the Hyderabad Police Academy and spoke to the trainees and gathered a lot of information from them.

After this only I finalized the story. In one film I cannot pour all the things. I have mixed entertainment and sentiment in the right proportion. Why I have given the back drop of Vellore is because normally police stories in our films happen only in Madurai, Nellai and southern districts.

So I decided to go to a different place. I choose Vellore to be the backdrop since this place formed the basis for freedom struggle. In this serious film, Santhanam and Mayilsamy will make people laugh intermittently.”

Nandha speaks about Vellore Mavattam:

More often than not, you may have seen cops flaring up their nostrils and rolling out punch dialogues but here is a different one. This one is Nanda and he is coming up with Vellore Mavattam wherein he plays a cop. Speaking about it, Nanda said that his role is very soft spoken and added that he has not even raised his voice in the film except one scene.

Movie Review:

Sometimes you feel the necessity to name the movies in Tamil has made naming convention a lot better. But it’s not enough the name of a movie catches your fancy, is it now? Case in point; Velur Mavattam. As much as the title promises to be a gritty action thriller about a police officer’s fight to bring the gangsters in the heartland of Tamil Nadu to books, Velur Mavattam tumbles into greater levels of predictability.

Nanda plays Muthukumar IPS, who hails from a poor family. His father is a farmer who toils for his daily life and is particular that he does not want his son to get stuck in a similar life. So the son studies arduously, becoming an IPS officer. Life as an IPS is not a cake walk and what it offers to Muthukumar as an IPS officer is what Velur Mavattam all about.

It’s very tough to make a straightforward story work, exactly the case here. Besides, the movie also has resemblances of many other movies from the past; of the top of our head, Saamy and Singham - only with no vitality. While the first half travels like a slug, the second half brightens up just a little bit. But that happiness does not last long as it plummets to a foreseeable climax.

Muthukumar studies hard, passes the IPS exam with flying colors, falls in love and marries, tides over a quarter-life crisis of sorts and goes back fighting evil. This is all that happens in the movie and in that particular order. And to say the movie is an action entertainer, the director hasn’t paid enough attention to the action, or the entertainment. He also makes an actor with potential like Nanda, remain stony throughout the movie, since he plays a cop.

Heroine Poorna doesn’t have much scope in a hero centric story. Others, including Santhanam and Azhagamperumal are just fillers. It’s surprising to note that even Santhanam couldn’t manage to pull a few laughs.

Sundar C Babu’s background score and music play spoilsport and ends up lackluster. Neither the songs nor the movie’s background score do anything to pace up the movie.

Formulaic and predictable are two words that can describe Velur Mavattam. The director seems to have set out to portray the life and struggle of an honest officer in this big, bad world. However, while drawing a line between commercial and realistic cinema, he has missed out major chunks of portions screaming for attention leaving the movie a predictable fare.

Courtesy: Behindwoods

Nandha dons a khakhi for the first time and plays a rough tough cop in 'Vellore Mavattam'. At a time when filmmakers go around Madurai and its interior villages, director RNR Manohar of 'Masilamani' fame has chosen Vellore as the movie's backdrop and has used its geographical locations well to deliver a slick entertainer.

Although cop stories need no introduction in Tamil cinema, the swift screenplay of 'Vellore Mavattam' sets it apart. Nandha plays an IPS officer who fights not just against evil men in the society or anti-socials, but corrupt men within the police department too. Poorna plays his wife while the cast includes Azhagam Perumal, GM Kumar, Santhanam and Mayilsamy.

Muthukumar (Nandha) is the son of a vegetable vendor in a village. His father wants him to study well and come good in life. He strives and becomes an IPS officer. After a brief stint of training at National Police Academy, Muthukumar is appointed as Additional Superintendent of Police in Vellore district. Meanwhile, he meets Priya (Poorna) and both fall for each other. They eventually get married.

Muthukumar's problems start after he aspires to make Vellore a haven of peace. But there is Gurumurthy (Azhagam Perumal) who with his nexus with politicians and police officers play spoilsport on Muthukumar's dreams. Nandha is bubbly, agile as young police officer. He looks trim and seems to have done his home work well. He has enough stunt sequences too. Poorna as Nandha's wife has a small role to essay but she makes an impression with the little role she has. Santhanam as constable Kumaravelu tickles your funny bone, but at places goes overboard with double entendre.

GM Kumar and Mayilsamy form part of the cast. Azhagam Perumal plays a baddie. Cinematographer Vettri has captured Vellore district well, while editor Suraj Kavee tries to liven up the pace thanks to his scissors. His crisp editing deserves special mention. Sundar C Babu's music is peppy. Produced by AGS Entertainment, 'Vellore Mavattam' is good in most parts, although the script may set in a sense of deja vu, it's quite entertaining.

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